Scientific research activity

International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring organizes scientific-research activities in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law of the Russian Federation «On science and state scientific and technical policy», «About education in Russian Federation», resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation, other legislative and normative acts concerning different aspects of scientific research work (SRW), Charter of ITMCFM, provisions on the department of education and science of the Center and the regulations on the procedure of organization and implementation of scientific research works of ITMCFM.

Scientific research activities of ITMCFM are performed in order to ensure the participation of the Russian Federation in the activities of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), FATF-style regional body, including the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (EAG), the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, The Council of Heads of the Financial Intelligence Units of CIS Member States (CHFIU CIS) and other international organizations dealing with the issues of countering the legal issues laundering of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism.

The main objectives of scientific research activities of ITMCFM are:

  • organization and scientific research in order to increase the rating of compliance of the Russian Federation to the international standards in AML/CFT;
  • creating the basis for further research development;
  • creating of methodological bases for development of educational and educational programs and implementation of training events (training courses, seminars, round tables, conferences, etc.);
  • development of a scientific base for improvement the qualifications of employees of Financial intelligence units (FIUs), law enforcement and supervisory bodies, organizations engaged in transactions with money or other property, member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Eurasian Group on Combating Money Laundering and financing of terrorism (EAG) in the AML/CFT sphere;
  • preparation of proposals, methodological recommendations and analytical materials and reports on issues of AML/CFT;
  • creation of a pool of Russian and international experts in the field of AML/CFT.

Expert and Methodological Council (EMC) is a permanent expert and advisory body, was established on the basis of the Center in order to ensure the practical focus of research work, the organization of which is carried out by ITMCFM. EMC includes leading experts - participants in the national anti-money laundering system, research and educational institutions and other organizations of the Russian Federation (as agreed), acting as experts in the AML/CFT sphere.

The priority directions of scientific-research activities ITMCFM in the near term include the national risk assessment; problems of qualification and criminal responsibility for the legalization (laundering); improve the legal regulation of the national AML/CFT systems taking into account the results of mutual evaluation in foreign countries; assessment of compliance of the automated systems requirements of information security.

In the course of the research by ITMCFM interim results of research aimed at improving the effectiveness of national AML/CFT systems are discussed in international events on AML/CFT, including with the use of videoconferencing.

Results of scientific research use:

  • in the practical activities of FIUs of EAG member states;
  • in the practical activities of law enforcement and supervisory bodies;
  • in the practical activities of organizations engaged in transactions with money or other assets;
  • in the preparation of proposals, methodological recommendations and analytical materials, references on AML/CFT issues;
  • in the development of training and educational programs and the implementation of training events (training courses, seminars, roundtables, conferences, etc.);
  • development of technical tasks for further scientific research and other scientific projects;
  • in the preparation of materials for reports, presentations at scientific, scientific and practical conferences and seminars;
  • in other forms that have received practical application.

The scientific research carried out at the Center is the subject to state registration, taking into account the requirements of normative legal documents.