International network AML/CFT institute

International network AML/CFT institute was established back in December 2013 by the Federal Financial Monitoring Service with support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations.



International network AML/CFT institute is a modern international scientific and research hub that incorporates universities, scientific and educational center’s of Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States and Eurasian group on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism (EAG) member states.

Universities of the International network AML/CFT institute provide various educational programs, both short-term and long-term:

Additional professional education and advanced training (from 1-2 weeks and further on).

Higher Education:

− Bachelor’s degree, 4 years.

− Master’s degree, 2 years.

− Specialist’s degree, 5 – 5,5 years.

− Highest qualification personnel training, postgraduate degree - 1-3 years.


International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring (ITMCFM) is in charge of activity coordination; it provides informational and methodological support for the International network AML/CFT institute’s participants.

For participants’ interaction a videoconferencing system (VCS), operated by the ITMCFM, is used.

VCS coverage allows to provide prompt cooperation, hold meetings, round tables and trainings.

International network AML/CFT institute is aimed at:

  • AML/CFT cooperation development between the leading universities and research hubs of the BRICS countries;
  • establishment and development of joint programs;
  • increase of academic and student mobility;
  • organization of joint scientific research and conferences;
  • organization of student competitions, contests, research and AML/CFT projects.

The main goal of the International network AML/CFT institute is to join and consolidate efforts in order to provide personnel for national anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) systems provide international cooperation and partnership in the field of education, carry out scientific and joint projects& research.
AML/CFT system is a multi-institutional structure that includes branches of financial intelligence units, supervision and law enforcement authorities, national banks and numerous private sector organizations, largest financial structures, taking spontaneous AML/CFT action.
Result and effectiveness of its work depends largely on personnel’s expertise and professionalism.

Useful information about the activities of the International network AML / CFT institute is available in the International Network AML/CFT Institute booklet.